About Us

About Us

St. Joseph English Medium School

Our centre is like a castle of joy where every child receives abundant love and attention from professionally trained teachers. The curriculum of St. Joseph English Medium School is based on the mantra “Early childhood should be a period for them to indulge in the maximum number of recreational, pyhsical and mental enabling activities”. Here children are not just given wings but the school also ensures that they develop strong roots. Our school welcomes all parents to expreince the joy of teaching along with our staff.

Managing Trustee’s Desk

Dear friends,
There’s a very well saying,
we plan…….But God decides…..and I have been feeling it along in every step of my life….
To become a teacher was my dream….and with the blessings of my parents, I became a teacher. I worked in two reputed schools and as a humble teacher I always had a dream to have a school where we don’t make mere students…..but confident citizens of the world….and with this dream I stepped out from my professional life into the world to make some remarkable change in the field of education.
As I told you all before, we plan… but god decides…..there came a supporting hand of my dear brother Anil Gudinho who supported me to take this dynamic step….. In a same way Mr. Dadabhau Wakhare and Vaishali Wakhare came along and thus we formed a strong team…..and St. Joseph English Medium School (CBSE) came into existence.
I render my sincere thanks towards the parents of the students of first batch. They had so much confidence in us that without much thinking they believed in us….. we started up with sixty-five students and within ten years we have crossed one thousand and two hundred students. Our students of first two batches of tenth standard passed out with flying colors. I don’t give this credit only to management…. But the credit is equally shared by the excellent staff and my dear students and the co-operation, support of their parents.

Started with a small drop…of hope…..confidence….help and grace of god….
I felt the presence of Almighty….
In every drop of grace collected….
May this shower of blessing continuously be poured upon us….
Leading us to make a sea of graces and make every child filled with his love….
I entrust you dear god…
Every child you gave to us…
Lets see you in each of them…
Mold them as you have designed…
And help us to work with missionary zeal…
This is our prayer to you…
This our everlasting wish…
This is St. Joseph’s School…
This is St. Joseph’s School…

So dear friends, I request you to please give us a co-operative hand in our future undertakings and we promise to give the best education to all the kids entrusted to us and make your dreams come true….

Thank You

Mrs. Nancy Anil Pais
D.Ed, B.A. B.Ed, M.A. M.Ed. (Phd)

Vision Statement

Dedicated to everlasting learning through a comprehensive education and excellence , extending valuable opportunities, instruction and performance, in a very caring and compassionate environment and to reach out national and international communities. To create healthy environment to enrich learning in all aspects of education.

Mission Statement

To ensure development of self- esteem and self confidence, through accomplishments in learning, assessments, nurturing talents, creativity and preparing students to face life confidently with self-respect. To develop them intellectually, physically and socially.

Core Values

S.J.E.M.S Education Systems

S.J.E.M.S is an organization devoted to high-quality education that meets the demands of parents and students. It is leading provider of school management services and works closely with schools to raise student’s achievements. The process of realizing known potential is one of the major core values of S.J.E.M.S.

Our philosophy encourages an individualized and flexible approach to learning and to teaching, while challenging each student to excel. We believe in learning by doing the right thing.

We are committed to a holistic based education in caring enlightened environment. We aim to instill appropriate and desirable ethical values to make students productive and responsible members of society. We are committed to provide a student- centered education of the highest quality within a spirited, engaging, creative and co-operative environment.

About Us

Chairman's Message

We are living in extraordinary times. Upheavals and intentions surpass our imagination. We at S.J.E.M.S nurture a dream to provide education that helps our students to be able to dream big. Dare to be the instruments of change and do best as per their capacity.

We aim to foster and fiercely protect the bright spontaneity in each child.

Our commitment is to make learning a joyous journey and not a burden.

On behalf of S.J.E.M.S team, I welcome you to our school and assure our commitment to provide best education.

Mr. Dadabhau Wakhare
St. Joseph English Medium school, Shirur.

History Of School

Shirur is a town which is located outskirts of Pune City. Shirur has grown rapidly with Pune due to development of industries in MIDC in Ranjangaon. This MIDC is one of the largest industrial area in Maharashtra State. The people working in this MIDC live in Shirur which is only fifteen kilometers away from MIDC. The people from other states who stay in Shirur wanted better school which is affiliated to CBSE.

Also the parents who wanted their children to get better education found moving to Pune City where there are best schools. It was difficult task for each parent to shift to Pune City which is 70km away from Shirur. And hence, a need for having good school in shirur which is at par with best schools in Pune city felt and thus First branch of St. Joseph English Medium School was established in the year of 2011 in Shirur.

The school observes convent-type education system and discipline. St. Joseph English Medium School has gained popularity as one of the best schools in shirur and has gathered overwhelmed response from the parents and school is running with its fullest capacity of 1200 students within a span of ten years.

Committee Details

Mr. Dadabhau Wakhare


Mrs. Nancy Pais

Founder & secretary


Mr. Ramdas Ghawate

Mr. Anil Gudinho

Mr. Mahendra Wakhare

Mr. Anil Pais

Mrs. Vaishali Wakhare

Mr. Rupesh Sanghavi

Mrs. Shashikala kale

Mr. Krunal Kale

Mrs. Komal Wakhare

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